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Designer, Drifter & Creator

I began my business in 2018 out of passion, and turned it into my full-time gig! Read on to see how I did it.


Who is T?

I'm a self confessed drift lover, artist and I have a passion for helping people with their branding, muralist/artist and livery (aka wrap) design visions. Over the years, I've grown a bad-ass community around sharing my journey with cars on both Youtube and Instagram.

Let's get personal.

Tiana here again, three things that make me smile is my drift car (Nori), my birds (Zenki and Teg) and my Cat Bikkie! My life wouldn't be the same without these three things.


How I got here!


The Beginning

Piczo and Jasc Paintshop Pro were my go-to. I grew up in an era where programs weren't as user friendly and there weren't many resources out there to help! So I basically taught myself how to build websites and use design programs!


The Business Beginning

After going off track for many years chasing a Mechanical Engineering -- an industry I never wanted to really end up in because I really didn't want to do math forever -- I decided to finally open my own business doing what I loved.. And with hard work, it worked!


Constant Development

As a solo business owner, sometimes you need to ensure you have enough discipline to keep growing the business and never get too complacent.

With the constant development of the business, I can truly say, It's incredible how far it's come.

Check out my Motorsport content!

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